VMSG’s After Hours ER and Surgical Team Successfully Repairs Damage and Saves Cisco’s Life

This week Jackie Major brought home her beloved dog Cisco after he spent 10 days in Ventura at Veterinary Medical and Surgical Group’s (VMSG) Emergency and Critical Care Hospital. Cisco is now well on his way to recovery after enduring a stab wound, which was the result of a vicious attack in his Ojai front yard late on the afternoon of Feb. 28th.

On the day of the attack, Major needed a veterinarian, and fast. She became frantic when all four of the veterinarians she called were closed. Fortunately, all four clinic’s after hours messages consistently referred VMSG for urgent care. When Cisco arrived at VMSG in critical condition a team of surgeons was immediately assembled and emergency surgery performed to repair the wound that penetrated and lacerated his intestine (with some septic leakage into the abdominal cavity) and spleen.

Fortunately for Cisco he ended up in the right place where he could get the quality of board- certified care he needed quickly. Unfortunately, many in our community are unaware that VMSG is the only 24/7/365 pet emergency hospital from Ojai to Simi Valley. And sadly, some google searches still lead those in life threatening situations to a Victoria Avenue pet hospital that has been closed for more than a year. Adding to the confusion is the fact that the hospital’s sign, which is visible from the freeway, is still lit up at night indicating to many that the hospital is open. This type of confusion can mean the difference between life and death for a precious pet.

VMSG is the only after hours, emergency care veterinary facility serving pets from Ojai to Simi Valley. Though there are several emergency care clinics that operate until 6 p.m., if there is an animal emergency later in the evening it is imperative for a pet owner to get to VMSG as quickly as possible.

“We have had patients who arrive to us after first going to the closed hospital on Victoria,” stated John MacFadyen Hospital Director. “That can be a hazardous waste of time for an injured or sick animal. We need to get the word out that VMSG is the after-hours pet ER hospital to head directly to so that lives are not endangered in an emergency.”

As for Cisco, he’s now home and recovering well. “I’m so grateful to the doctors at VMSG,” said Majors. “They saved Cisco’s life. I can’t thank them enough for being available when our vets are closed. They were all excellent, and he got outstanding care.”

Source: Ojai Valley News   |   Download: Press Release