news-airplaneVentura, CA — Twelve year old Bogie is one remarkable Jack Russell Terrier who is happy and healthy, just six months after a tragic accident nearly took his life. He has his loving family, Ken and Rosie Gottschall, and the talented veterinary specialists at Veterinary Medical and Surgical Group to thank.

Bogie knows his way around airplanes. He has grown up in and around airports and spends most of his days with his loving owner, Ken who has worked with Bogie diligently to ensure his safety while on the tarmac. Unfortunately, accidents happen.

In July 2014, Bogie was brought to VMSG’s pet emergency hospital after being struck multiple times by an airplane propeller. Though he was conscious his airway was being compromised due in part to severe injuries to his mouth and muzzle. He also had a large wound, including partial amputation of his left leg and he was in shock. Brain injury was a concern.

“Bogie came into VMSG’s emergency room with multiple, life-threatening injuries. Most severe were the injuries to his face, chest and front left limb,” stated Dr. Jennifer Simpson, Board-Certified VMSG Surgeon. While Bogie’s leg did require amputation, his resilience, overall good health and loving commitment from his family have aided in a remarkable recovery and Bogie has returned to flying with his owners.

“Just six days after his accident we had Bogie home with us,” declared Rosie Gottschall, Bogie’s owner. “He’s quite an extraordinary little dog and the level of treatment and medical expertise he received from VMSG was even more extraordinary! I had no idea our community had all of these veterinary specialists right here in our backyard. Sadly, we wasted precious time driving to a closed pet hospital whose sign is still lit up and visible from the freeway.” Rosie is referring to Pet Emergency Clinic on Victoria Avenue in Ventura which has been closed for about a year for renovations. Veterinary Medical and Surgical Group is currently the only after hours, 24/7/365 pet emergency hospital located in the city of Ventura.

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