Providing Emergency Care to Pets for Over 30 Years


Arrival of emergency patients is neither orderly nor predictable. Our admitting staff identifies those patients in the most serious condition and presents them first to the doctor on duty, sometimes interrupting an examination already in progress. In times of a heavy caseload, the doctor on duty often finds it necessary to ask the less critical patients to wait.


The St. Louis Animal Emergency Clinic does not receive any funds or grants from any town, county, state or federal agency. An emergency fee is charged to all clients. This it to meet the costs to maintain a well equipped and fully staffed emergency facility. All funds collected remain within the corporation to pay clinic personnel and to maintain, supply and equip the clinics to serve you and your pet.

To avoid misunderstanding, the emergency fee and form of payment will be discussed prior to admitting the patient. The doctor on duty will give an estimate of further charges for treatment, surgery, etc. If your pets condition changes after being admitted, we make every effort to contact you in order to authorize further treatment and inform you of additional charges.

Fees are due at the time the services are rendered. We accept cash, checks, Discover, MasterCard, Visa and Care Credit. Upon release of the patient, you will be given an itemized receipt and continued care instructions.

Emergency Clinic Operations

Our emergency clinics are located in Kirkwood and O’Fallon. We are here to provide emergency services for your pet and your regular veterinarian when they are not available. We staff multiple veterinarians, and several relief veterinarians at both of our clinics.

Hospital Hours

The Kirkwood and O’Fallon facilities are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year including holidays. During hours of operation, there is always a veterinarian on duty.

General Information

Many pets receive regular medications or special diets. Please inform the doctor so that your pet receives the appropriate care. You may be asked to provide these to the hospital for use with your pet. We ask that you do not leave personal belongings at the hospital. Please take all leashes, collars, pet carriers, and blankets, etc. with you.

Being an emergency facility, we are often faced with a wide variety of patients. While most of our patients do well, some may deteriorate rapidly or even pass away. Because of our unique situation, we require that all patients that are hospitalized have “code” status sheet signed by the owner. This does not mean that we expect problems with your pet, but that we can be prepared in case of an unexpected event that requires life saving measures. We will make every attempt to contact you if there is a change in your pet’s condition.


You are entitled to an estimate of expected costs to treat your pet. All hospitalized pets will have a written estimate prepared for your approval. We require that a portion of the estimate be left as a deposit. Please review the estimate carefully and if there are questions please ask. Please remember that treatment plans can change and costs could be altered. The veterinarian should discuss these situations with you. If at anytime you wish to know the total of your bill please ask and it will be calculated. It would be beneficial to check daily on your account balance.

Patient Care

Your pet will have its vital signs taken and will be monitored and observed on a regularly scheduled basis. Your pet’s condition may require treatment with various medications, fluids, special diet, or physical therapy. Most patients will have blood taken for laboratory analysis and intravenous catheters. Hair will probably be clipped for these procedures.

Checking on Your Pet

Please make sure that we have correct phone numbers in order to reach you. These may include home, work or cell numbers. We encourage you to call daily to check on your pet’s progress. Due to the number of emergencies that we see, the doctor may not be able to come to the phone each time you call. The technicians will answer questions if possible or take messages. They can have the doctor return your call at a more convenient time. We ask that you limit the number of people calling for updates on your pet. This allows us to spend more time caring for your pet and the other hospitalized patients.


Visiting periods are allowed if possible and sometimes encouraged for some pets. Please call first to see if visitation is possible. We ask that visits be kept to 15 minutes or less. During our peak times or during certain procedures you may be asked to reschedule your visit. No one will be permitted to spend the night in the clinic.