Critical Care

Providing Emergency Care to Pets for Over 30 Years

The St. Louis Animal Emergency Clinics offer a wide range of emergency and critical care services to pets. We receive referrals from over 130 veterinary hospitals in the St. Louis and surrounding areas. In addition, we see many pets that do not have a primary veterinarian and need medical care.

We do not perform routine services such as vaccinations, prescribe flea tick and heartworm prevention products or perform routine spay and neuter services. We are an emergency room that is equipped, staffed and trained to provide care to sick and injured pets.

Critical Patient Monitoring

Our clinics are equipped and trained to provide emergency and critical care monitoring of patients. Frequent examinations of patients are routinely performed on critical patients. In addition, a variety of monitoring devices are available including equipment to monitor body temperature, heart rates, heart rhythms (electrocardiogram), blood pressure, oxygen levels (pulse oximetry), laboratory monitoring of blood counts, blood chemistry and clotting times, and central venous monitoring.

Medical Procedures

The St. Louis Animal Emergency Clinic staff is trained to perform a variety of medical procedures including CPR, chest tube placement, oxygen therapy, thoracocentesis, abdominocentesis, pericardiocentesis, blood product transfusions, drug administration, fluid therapy, urinary catheterizations, splint placements, wound debridement and closure, hip luxation replacement, elbow luxation repair, various bandage placement, gastric lavage, emesis induction, feeding tube placement, heat support, blood glucose monitoring, medical care and isolation of infectious disease patients, nebulization and coupage therapy as well as many other life-saving treatments and procedures.


The St. Louis Animal Emergency Clinic staff is trained to perform a variety of diagnostic procedures including measurement of intraocular pressure, diagnostic thoracocentesis, diagnostic abdominocentesis, blood pressure assessment, laboratory blood analysis, urinalysis, electocardiograms, X-rays, barium studies, central venous pressure monitoring, cystourethorgram, as well as many other procedures.


Both of the St. Louis Animal Emergency Clinics are stocked with routine medications used to treat sick or injured pets. Our veterinarians can write prescriptions for medications not stocked in our clinics.

Blood Transfusions

The St. Louis Animal Emergency Clinic runs the St. Louis Animal Blood Bank. We are able to draw and administer packed red blood cells and plasma to dogs. One of our clinic locations houses several feline blood donors to provide emergency blood transfusion to our feline patients at both locations.


The St. Louis Animal Emergency Clinics can perform euthanasia to suffering pets. We also work with a company that provides cremation services. For information on cremation options, go to Animal Care Service.